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Scheduled backups when Matillion instance is stopped


I am trying to setup the scheduled snapshot'ing of Matillion's EBS.

We use Matillion in an "on-demand" fashion (meaning that we don't keep it running all the time, but we turn it on only on the days when we need to run the ETL jobs and we keep it running only until the jobs are finished).

If I setup a scheduled backup (via Admin -> Manage Backups) to run, for example, every day at 3AM. Would the snapshot be performed also if the Matillion instance is stopped at that time?


Kind regards,

2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Paul Johnson —

Hi Laura,
Scheduled backups created in Matillion ETL are governed by the Instance and do not create a backup schedule in AWS, so the instance needs to be running to issue the commands to create a backup.

I would recommend using CloudWatch to schedule your backups when the instance is off see this tutorial for more info.


Laura Radaelli —

Hi Paul,

thank you very much for the fast and precise answer. And thanks also for the pointer :)

Kind regards,

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