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one question regarding the usage of Begin/Commit/Rollback Components:
Are there any restrictions or limitations regarding the usage of Begin/Commit/Rollback?

I think about limitations regarding runtime of a job that use Begin/Rollback/Commit, for example a job needs 15 minutes to update a table or a huge count of table update transactions in a job.

I only found a information reagarding this in Matillion documentation:
"If you forget to commit or rollback after starting a transaction, the transaction will be left open (and continue to hold any associated locks) but only for a few minutes, after which the connection will be closed and an automatic rollback will be performed."

This means for me that i not have any limitations at usage of Begin/Commit/Rollback, is that correct?

Best regards,

2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Paul Johnson —

Hi Dirk,
The automatic rollback only occurs if the job you are running has a begin component but no commit component. If it has both the begin and commit components there are no limits on how long that job can run for.


Dirk Zimmermann —

Perfect, many thanks for the fast (and positiv) response.

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