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Uses for SharePoint Query Component?

I have read about the new SharePoint query component, and I am interested. Haven't tried it yet, and I am not familiar with the SharePoInt API.

First I am wondering, at a high level, is it to be used to get "SharePoint data" like from "SharePoint lists," and "SharePoint columns" from document libraries?

Or, is it to be used to get "data from files that are stored in SharePoint," like CSVs and Excel files that happen to live in SharePoint document libraries?

Or is it possible to do either/both?

3 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Veronica Kupetz —

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for reaching out. Here is some helpful documentation on this new component:
SharePoint Query
SharePoint Data Model

You can access data from SharePoint lists. In regards to your second question, it seems you can access files via the “Documents” table. Hope this helps!

Best Regards,

Kevin Havice —

I've been trying it out, and yes, I can access "tables" like "Documents" or "Shared Documents" (names of SharePoint document libraries).

This allows me to extract the *list* of documents in the library, and their attributes. Like the name, file type, file size, last modified date, path, et cetera. Which could be handy.

But I was wondering if I could use the SharePoint Query component to extract the *contents* of a particular CSV or Excel file that resides in SharePoint. From what I can tell, the answer is "no."


Instead, I have seen this more recent post...
...Which describes using the "Data Transfer" component with Source Type = 'Microsoft SharePoint" to copy a file from SharePoint to S3. Then, of course, Matillion has other components for extracting the contents of CSVs, Excel files, et cetera -- if those files are in S3. So I suppose this is the solution (rather than using the SharePoint Query component) for extracting the *contents* of files that reside in SharePoint.

Matillion Agent  

Paul Johnson —

Hi Kevin,
You are correct. So if you have an excel file in SharePoint you use the data transfer component to move it to s3 then use the excel query component.


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