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Matillion job schedule for particular Orchestration


I Was created one job with multiple Orchestration and scheduled a job different four(4) timings.

My question is it is possible to particular one Orchestration in the job schedule in first time scheduling time only?
This Orchestration is part of my job.


2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Mathan,

The answer is yes, provided you can express the condition in a variable.

Example steps could be:

  1. Use a Python Script to update a variable to 1 (if it’s the first time only), otherwise 0
  2. Use an If component to execute the chosen Orchestration Job if the variable is set to 1

Please see this video part of which demonstrates using the If component to change the execution of a job at runtime (look around the 8 minute mark).

Best regards,

Mathan Selvaraj —

Thanks Lan More helpful...

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