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Job Variables API

Saw several posts but not sure if I am seeing this specific scenario

I have Jobs that require metadata stores outside of Matilion (job level not environment). So I want to pass in a key when I call the job (orchestartion) from the API in python V1 and reference that variable in the job and pass down to transformations - guessing it is straightforward. I see articles on env variables but these are job level
SO can I pass a job level variable in, reference t in the orch job and then pass down to transformations?

sample api but not sure if correct or how to reference in matillion


1 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Arawan Gajajiva —

Hi Brian -

You can specify values for Job Variables when remotely executing a job via the API layer. An example of this is demonstrated in our API Examples article. In here, you will find Example 4: Use of Variables. The syntax for referencing variables is similar to what you have mentioned in your question:

curl -X POST “http://<Instance IP>/rest/v0/tasks?groupName=Matillion&projectName=APIShowcase&versionName=default&environmentName=Example3&jobName=APIOrch&variables=increment=5,startnumber=2,endnumber=46000”

On the second part of your question, if you have Job Variables defined in your main Orchestration and the Transformation Job, you can pass the value of a variable from your Orchestration to the called Transformation through the “Set Scalar Variables” property in the Transformation Job component in your Orchestration job.

Hope this helps!


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