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Global variable


We have an orchestration job which call several transformation jobs.
We need pass a variable from orchestration job to each transformation job or declare a global variable so all jobs can read this variable.

Thank you,
Dmitriy Burtsev

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Matillion Agent  

Dan D'Orazio —

Hi Dmitriy -

You should be able to accomplish this a couple of different ways. The articles for Job Variable and Environment Variables provide a pretty good overview.

I’m happy to provide a brief description as well.

Assuming that the value of this variable will remain the same for each Transformation Job that’s called:
Job Variables

  • Right Click on the Canvas in your Orchestration Job > Manage Job Variables > + > Define variable
  • Follow the same step in each Transformation Job, setting the value to the variable defined in your Orchestration Job, using ${variable_name} syntax

Environment Variables

  • Project > Manage Environment Variables > + > Define variable
  • Right Click on the Canvas in your Transformation Job > Manage Job Variables > + > Define variable
  • Set the value to the variable to the defined Environment Variable, using ${variable_name} syntax

The support articles referenced above go into further detail about how to manipulate those variables, on a per-job basis, if necessary.

Best -

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