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Connect to 'data areas' using a SQL component for IBM DB2 for i.

Greetings. We want to connect to 'data areas' and not normal tables that exist in a IBM DB2 for i database so we can get some values to organise our custom schedule. However the SQL component using the default jt400 driver that Matillion provides does not show 'data areas', therefore we cannot access their values. What would be the best approach to solve this issue?

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Matillion Agent  

Arawan Gajajiva —

Hello Evangelos -

Admittedly, I have not worked with Data Areas before. A little research on the topic seems to imply that in order to be able to access a Data Area via SQL (which presumably would then work over a JDBC connection), you will need to create a Function or Stored Procedure that returns data from the Data Area. Once that has been defined, you should be able to construct a SQL statement that uses the Function/Stored Procedure to return the data from the Data Area.

The only alternative I can think of is to investigate if there is an alternate JDBC driver that can be used that does provide access to Data Areas. If you do find a JDBC driver that provides this functionality, you can use it in Matillion by following our article on Database Driver Management.

Hope this helps!

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