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Task Versioning

Hi Team,

Is there a way to automatically store the exported tasks json into probably s3 each day? or any feature which is similar to this?


1 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Damian Chan —

Hello Vijay,

Currently there’s no feature like this in Matillion but it can be easily done using an Orchestration job and the scheduler.

Where are you currently exporting your tasks? Are you exporting it onto your Matillion instance? Assuming that you are, you can create an Orchestration job in Matillion which will consist of a Bash Script component. In there you can run the S3 copy command. It’ll look similar to the one below.

aws s3 cp /location/on/matillion/instance/exported.json s3://bucket/location/exported.json

The command above will copy the exported json file to S3. To have it running daily, you can use the Scheduler to schedule that Orchestration job to run at a certain time everyday.

More information on scheduling jobs is provided in the link below.

Best Regards,

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