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Cassandra Data Query


I have a Cassandra whereby it is running on 6 nodes.

Is there any configuration option in Cassandra component whereby to point the extraction to a specific node.


1 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Paul Johnson —

Hi Alwin,

You should be able to connect to a specific node using the IP address.

To connect to a distributed system, you can set Server to a comma-separated list of servers and ports, separated by colons. You will also need to set ConsistencyLevel when multiple nodes are selected.

This is set on the connection options property on the component.
Below are the possible values:

ANY: At least one replica must return success in a write operation. This property guarantees that a write never fails; this consistency level delivers the lowest consistency and highest availability.
ALL: All replicas must respond. This property provides the highest consistency and the lowest availability.
ONE: At least one replica must respond. This is the default and suitable for most users, who do not typically require high consistency.
TWO: At least two replicas must respond.
THREE: At least three replicas must respond.
QUORUM: A quorum of nodes must respond. The QUORUM properties provide high consistency with some failure tolerance.
EACH_QUORUM: A quorum of nodes must respond where a quorum is calculated for each data center. This setting maintains consistency in each data center.
SERIAL: A quorum of replicas performs a consensus algorithm to allow lightweight transactions.
LOCAL_ONE: At least one replica in the local data center must respond.
LOCAL_SERIAL: The consensus algorithm is calculated for the local data center.
LOCAL_QUORUM: A quorum of nodes must respond where the quorum is calculated for the local data center.


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