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Adding timestamp to loaded records

Hi, what is the best way to add a timestamp to a target table? I am using Table Output Component but in the Column Mappings I can only select input columns to be mapped to target columns. There seem to be no way to select tmestamp e.g. ${latestdate} in the source columns.. Would also be nice to add that to S3 Load component.. If my S3 csv file has 3 columns and my target table has 3 respective columns plus a timestamp column, there seems to be no way of mapping variables like that.. Not sure what Variables tab in Load Columns property is for though and if it can be used for this case. Thank you in advance for any tips.

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Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Dmitry,

A good way to do this in Matillion’s ELT data loading pattern is to add a Calculator component before the Table Output component.

In the Calculator, add a column using one of the timestamp functions provided by your target database, for example

Using a Matillion variable is also an option but you’ll find it’s more complex to implement because you’ll need a mixture of orchestration and transformation jobs. Whereas the above is done only using a transformation job.

Best regards,

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