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Matillion Metadata Store

We are using the following version of Matillion:
Matillion ETL
Version: 1.35.7 (build 200)AMI Version: 1.35.7

We are attempting to secure the components running withing our VPC. I was wondering how Matillion stores metadata. My understanding is that it is kept in a postgres database. Regardless where is it, how do we access it and what security controls would be involved in securing it.

2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

David Lipowitz —

Hi Stephen,

Thanks for the question. Metadata storage depends on which cloud data warehouse platform you target. If you’re on Redshift or Snowflake, then metadata is stored in a local MongoDB instance. Otherwise, for Google BigQuery, metadata is stored on a local PostgreSQL instance.

In either case though, access is only available from the local host.

Hope that helps.

Best Regards,

stephen miller —

Hi Dave, We are on Redshift so it will be a MongoDB somewhere on the EC2 instance. That's perfect. Thanks for the response.

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