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More details about version 1.36?

I'm excited about the changes to the UI, in the latest version.

I was going to ask about "automatically connecting components on the canvas," but I did just figure that out: you drag a new component from the "Components" pane, very close to an existing component. Neat.

I still need to ask about "improved variables workflow" -- what does this mean? I looked at the Environment Variables screen, and some places where I use variables, and I don't see anything different.

And "new keyboard shortcuts" -- what are they? I don't think I see new ones listed here...
...nor anywhere else!


1 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Laura Malins —

Hi Kevin

The improved variables workflow is that Matillion will autocomplete the variable in some places and you can now copy and paste variables between jobs. You can also export variables from shared jobs.

The new keyboard shortcuts are:
Ctrl + Shift + F – will bring up the Search Tab
Ctrl + Shift + R – will bring up a list of all jobs in the project
Crtl+A – will bring up the password editor.

I will ensure the docs are updated asap.


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