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Extract text and value

I have a column X with multiple strings and corresponding values eg {text1.23,text2.44,text3,55etc} . I want to spilt that column and make multiple columns as text1, text2 , text 3 and assign corresponding values.
Need some help figuring out the best way as column X have multiple combinations of text so the position keeps changing .I simplify want to grab that text, call the column with that text and assign values and if there is no text1 in a row for Column X then keep it null .

4 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Devender,

Please can you send an export of your Matillion Transformation job so far? You can send it as an attachment to

Best regards,

Devender Kaur —

I don't have the job yet .

Devender Kaur —

If you have a email address then I can send you the column sample , so that you can see what I am referring to

Devender Kaur —

Sent an email

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