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Display database NULL in Matillion UI (Sample feature)

It isn't possible to differentiate between an empty string and a NULL (database NULL) when we see a Sample in Matillion. Is there a setting we can change to show database NULLs with word NULL (ideally in italic) instead of an empty string?

Tiago Silva

2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Tiago,

It’s always been a low priority for us to do that because data warehousing applications typically don’t differentiate strongly between NULL and empty string: the information will show blank in a report in either case.

You could always use SQL functions such as NULLIF if you have, for example, a dimension in which the distinction is important.

Best regards,

Tiago Silva —


I see your point but this distinction is quite important when you work with data from a source.
But ok, you answered my question: it is not possible currently but will eventually be possible in the future.

Thanks for your quick reply.


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