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Assigning Values to Variables in Matillion

Hi Community,

Could you please let me know if we can achieve the following requirement using a Matillion :

Req: We want to provide the flexibility of changing the variable values at any point of time with out touching the Matillion tool . As touching matillion components just for changing the value of a variable or including new values will need again migration from Dev to Prod through testing phase.

1) Informatica provides the flexibility to read the values from parameter file to variable using WF.Session.Variable and point the corresponding parameter files at workflow level .
Using this we dont have to touch the informatica components , we can change the values in parameter file .

2) Creating a parameter table and the row level data will be values of variables for each Orechestration or Transformation . So that we can update the values at the table level so that its not required to change the values at the Matillion if there is a change or additional values to be included in the variable list.

Please let me know if Matillion provides such component, tried grid level variables but not working as per my requirement.


2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Paul Johnson —

Hi Koti,

You have a number of options available to you:

  1. If you are triggering the job programmatically from the API you can pass in the values of your variables at run time as part of the API call as described here
  2. You can use a table iterator component to iterate over each row and map the attributes of each row to a variable as described here
  3. You can use a python component to use a database cursor object to read values from a table and map them to variables as described here
  4. You can use a python module such as config parser to read values from a config file using the Python Component
  5. For tabular (2d array) data you can use Grid Variables


Koteswar Rao K —

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the options, actually i am working on Matillion ETL for snowflake and used the python component to use a database cursor. It worked for the expected requirement.


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