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User Configuration

Took me a while to figure out that a user in Matillion cannot run a job that writes to s3 (apparently) without being designated as an "Admin" in the User Configuration area. Didn't realize this was the case, so spun wheels on it a bit. I thought that the AWS service account was what Matillion was using across users.

I assumed that the "Admin" designation had more to do with the administration of the Matillion instance, but I assume this is a security measure of some sort?

In any case, addition to the help info that makes this clear would be helpful. If I'm missing something, please let me know.


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Matillion Agent  

Arawan Gajajiva —

Hi Mark -

What you are describing is not expected behavior. I just ran a test myself to confirm. I setup a user that does not have Admin or API perms granted. I then used that user to create a test job that performs an S3 Unload. The job ran as expected and unloaded data from Redshift into a file within an S3 Bucket.
Could you provide more details as to what component you are using when you experience this behavior?


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