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Time-out or notification, if job runs too long?

Recently, I had a scheduled Matillion job got stalled. One "Load" component that normally takes a few minutes had taken ~2 hours, when I noticed what was going on.

I have SNS notifications set up, for when a scheduled job fails. But what can I do if a job gets stalled, running much longer than it should?

Can I set an Orchestration job to automatically time out/terminate, if has been running for longer than X time?

And/or, is there some way to send an SNS notification, if the job has been running for longer than X time?

Any other recommendations?

Any advice would be much appreciated!

4 Community Answers

Kevin Havice —

I meant, "Recently, I had a scheduled Matillion job *that* got stalled."

(And, the "Load" component was STILL running, when I noticed it about 2 hours after it had started.)

Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for this suggestion. It’s on a list of potential features that we are examining for feasibility.
I can not say for certain that it will eventually become part of the product, although you are not the only customer to have expressed an interest in this functionality.

Best regards,

Kevin Havice —

Okay, I figured out another workaround, for now. I am recording, in a table, when things happen during my Matillion jobs. Then I use my BI tool to read that table frequently, and alert me when something hasn't happened for a long time.

Matillion Agent  

David Lipowitz —

Hi Kevin,

Glad there’s a workaround and please let us know if any other questions come up.

Best Regards,

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