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Executing transformation components sequentially

Dear Team,

I have created a flow from Table input to one Table Update and one Table Delete Rows components, and I am using replicate component to share the data between two TU and TDR components. Now the issue is while I am deleting rows using TDR , I want to store the count of records deleted in a separate table which I am updating using TU component by querying the previous component for counts through SQL component in between. And this flow of TI to TDR and TI to SQL Comp to TU components, is implemented for more than 30 tables in same Transformation job. But due to parallelism, the TU part is executed after the TDR and because of that we are not able to accumulate the counts from the replicate component. Please suggest how I can disable parallelism so that the sequential run can be achieved.
Also, please let me know how to insert values to Grid Variable using SQL component as we do not have the Grid supporting components for Transformation job.

1 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Paul Johnson —

Hi Deepak,
In order to give you the best possible answer it would be really useful to see your job can you attach it to the ticket please?

With regards to Grid Variables, the grid components are only available in orchestration jobs. In a transform you can write the values you want to insert into a table then use the Append to grid & Query to grid components to achieve this.


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