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Exactly how does Hourly Pricing work


I am starting to use Matillion for creating ELT pipelines at our company. We're using a t2.medium cluster and hourly pricing.

I have one doubt regarding the pricing of the cluster. When we are developing the ETL packages on the Matillion instance, are we charged for every hour the moment a user logs in, and if the usage goes a few minutes above the first hour, we will be charged completely for the next hour?

I'd appreciate if someone has more consolidated information on hourly pricing.


1 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Arawan Gajajiva —

Hello Rajat!

Matillion’s hourly pricing charges align with standard AWS Marketplace Product Pricing guidelines. Hourly charges are incurred while your Matlilion EC2 instance is running and is rounded up to the nearest hour.


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