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s3 to ftp


I want to move files from Amazon s3 to ftb using bash script command...

already tried "rsync --progress -avz -e ssh s3://folder//s3://folder/ "

anyone please suggest correct command for me?


any other possibilities to move files from s3 to ftp??


2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Laura Malins —

Hi Ganesh

I’ve done this in the past by installing the FTP command on the EC2 instance and then doing a two step process:
1. Download the file from s3 to the local instance using s3 cp
2. Upload the file to FTP using the FTP command.

I don’t think rsync works with s3


Ganesh Pitchai —

hi laura,

i changed my track..can u plz give me a command for in ftp one folder to another folder using bash script with username password???
tried above command but error "directory not found"...

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