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Errors from Load / Query Components

Hi, I'm getting some cryptic errors on some load- / query-type components. They seem to occur pretty randomly: I will get these errors during one scheduled "refresh," but not on the next one.

With a Database Query component (on-premises SQL Server; a large query, tens of millions of rows): sometimes I get a "Self-suppression not permitted" error. Other times, I also get an "Exception: Unable to execute HTTP request: Received close_notify during handshake" error.

With an Excel Query component, sometime I get a "GC overhead limit exceeded" error. Other times, I also get a "Java heap space" error.

Any advice one what any of these errors mean, and how to troubleshoot/solve them?

2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Laura Malins —

Hi Kevin

Those errors are indicative of the Matillion server running out of memory, usually due to a rogue process. If you can send us a copy of your log file then we can help investigate.


Kevin Havice —

Okay, thanks Laura.

I just put a copy of our server log file in a support ticket. The ticket was for a different issue, though I'm guessing these errors, and that issue, might be related. Harpreet was helping me with that ticket. You all can have a look.

And, as a follow-up on that other support ticket, I rebooted our Matillion server. Perhaps the reboot will also reduce/eliminate these errors.

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