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Component not in a valid sate error

Hi !

I have one transformation job.
Table Input and Table Output (Truncate load)

Table Input - (Target Table name) - I have defined a variable Var1 and schema is stage schema A

Table Output - (Target Table name) - I have defined a variable Var 2 and schema is target schema B

I am using a Table Iterator to load the data sequentially.

The Iterator table has two columns. Stage table name and target Table name.

I am constantly getting an error in my transformation job (Table Input/Table Output) in Task history.
It says the component not in a valid state. I am not sure where is it going wrong. I have checked all the settings. Can you please help me ?

If possible, could I share the Jason file with you ? It just has three jobs. Please let me know.


5 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Kalyan Arangam —

Hi Nachiket,

Have you set any defaults for variables?

Matillion uses the default value of a variable when validating. With a transformation job, we try and build SQL and if the variable being used does not have a default value, this may result in invalid SQL.

Please assign some default values that may point at an existing table/schema in your target database and check if you lose this error.


Nachiket Mehendale —

Hi Kalyan,

I have define the default values for two variables.
But still when the job fails, the error message is Component not in a valid state.
Could I share the Jason file with matillion support ?

Nachiket Mehendale —

I created a dummy stage table with one column in stage schema.
I created a dummy target table with one column in target schema.
I created a variable - Specified the dummy stage table name
I created a variable - Specified the dummy target table name
I created one Transformation job. One Table Input and One Table Output.
As soon as I select the Variable name in my Input, I see the Input table Name being changed to dummy stage table name and same case with the Table Output also.
Then even I mapped dummy stage table column to dummy Target Table column.
This entire exercise made the transformation job in a Valid State.

But now when got to the orchestration job, where I have Table Iterator, and try to run this,
I get the same error - saying component is not in a valid state.

Could you please help me ? Can I send the Jason file ?

Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Nachiket,

You can certainly email the .json file export and we can take a look. You might need to have a “support ticket” rather than a “community question” to do that.

Best regards,

Nachiket Mehendale —

Hi Ian,

Okay. I have for the time being found a workaround.
Instead of StageToTarget Transformation- I have used an SQL object.
It has- (Insert into $var1 select * from $var2)
With that I am able to fix the issue.

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