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Auto scaling Matillion instance

We have uneven NRT workload throughout the day which may pick up in the afternoon and slows down after 6:00 PM. During pick hours, we are seeing some of the jobs (mainly orchestration jobs) are queued up because only 4 processes run in parallel (we are on m4.large). Due to this we are not able to keep up with data arrival rate. After 6:00 PM the load starts to slow down and we can process data faster than arrival rate.

My questions -
(1) How do we go about solving this issues without having to go to largest instance size, specially knowing that we need more resources only for about 6 hours out of 24 hour window ?
(2) Is there auto scaling functionality currently available or in the future road map ?
(3) Does high availability (2 - m4.large Matillion instances ) setup help with performance by distributing the workload or does it only address high availability (no workload distribution) ?

Any pointers to above are highly appreciated.

Thank you,

1 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Laura Malins —

Hi Devang

My first thought is you could use the AWS cli in a bash script to run a command which will stop the instance and change the type at certain times of the day. You’d need to run this as a script outside of Matillion as it invovles switching Matillion on and off. However this could be scheduled to meet your time frames.

You will need to use the modify-instance-attirbute:

To my knowledge there is no auto scaling functionailty on the roadmap. Certainly nothing is available now. I will speak to our development team about this.

High availability will help with your issue as some jobs will be managed by different servers.


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