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SFTP Auth Fail

I've got an issue I can't figure out with the SFTP portion of the S3 Put Object component I'm hoping someone can help with.

I've got an SFTP server setup (SFTP Gateway from AWS Marketplace) that works great alone to get data to S3, but it should function just as well as a standard SFTP server for using with the Matillion S3 Put Object component.

When configuring the component, I'm providing the host IP as host name, the default port (22), path to the file I'd like copied to S3, the valid username, and the RSA Private Key contents. All of which work within WinSCP.

But all it ever returns is a "com.jcraft.jsch.JSchException: Auth fail":

Are there other logs or places to look for more details? Or does anyone know if the username + private key functionality works with this component?

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Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Patrick,

Yes, SFTP is supported by the S3 Put Object, although we have not tested with that specific product.

You can do a test on your own Matillion instance by creating a test file first, and then setting the properties as follows:

  • Input Data Type to SFTP
  • Input Data URL to e.g. sftp://ec2-user@localhost/home/ec2-user/x.dat
  • Output Object Name to x.dat
  • SFTP Key to the full PEM-formatted private key, including the -—BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY——- and -—END RSA PRIVATE KEY——- lines
  • S3 Path to your target bucket name

Please could you also confirm which version of Matillion you are using? Go to Help / Support Information

Best regards,

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