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Browser gives warning: "Changes you made may not be saved."

I am using Matillion in Chrome. Whenever I attempt to navigate away from the Matillion web app, or close the browser tab, a Chrome pop-up says: "Do you want to leave this site? Changed you made may not be saved."

Why? There does not seem to be a "save" button. I've been assuming that all changes are "saved" automatically, and immediately. Right? So, why does the browser do this? And can I make it stop?


2 Community Answers

Kevin Havice —

I just tried it in the Edge browser, too; and it does the same thing. (The wording of the pop-up is slightly different, but basically the same thing.)

Matillion Agent  

Laura Malins —

Hi Kevin

Chrome (and Edge) sees data that you have input into forms and thinks that because you’ve not hit a submit button that the data isn’t saved. Your browser isn’t aware that Matillion is constantly saving the data in the background to a database on the EC2 instance.

There is an option in Chrome to turn this warning off, but obviously it will turn it off for all sites.

You’re right that everything in Matillion will be saved automatically.


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