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Ad-hoc queries

Hi. When using Redshift its required in my office to deploy redshift in a private subnet. This raises some issues with making ad-hoc queries against the cluster. In order to aviod the use of a bastion host, is it possible to use matillion for manual quiering against redshift?

Thank you!
Johan Forssell

2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Laura Malins —

Hi Johan

You can use Matillion to sample the data in an Orchestration job using the table input component. You can also write SQL in the SQL Component in the Orchestration job to manually query the data with more advanced queries such as joins. Both of these work well if you require a sample of the data however you are limited in the number of rows you can return so this doesn’t work if you wish to return complete data sets from large tables.


Johan Forssell —

Thank you Laura. We will try this

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