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ssh tunnel to Matillion

When Matillion is deployed in a secure network, developers will need to access the service via a bastion, such as a Windows host using RDP. That can get pretty annoying, and it would be nice if we could use an ssh tunnel to access it directly from a local browser.

When I follow the usual ssh tunnel methods to Matillion (either http or https) I can get to the admin component and the first page, but quickly bottom out with the error message:

Connection Failed. Unfortunately an error occurred establishing a websocket connection,
please consult our help page for further assistance.

Is there a known way to use Matillion over ssh tunnel?

2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Nick Sayce —

Hi Blair,

I think this should work ok provided you tunnel 8080 and not 80/443.

Please see the QA article here.



Blair Boadway —

Thanks Ed,

After some messing about, this worked:

ssh -fL \*:<open port>:<matillion ip address>:443 username@<bastion ip address> -N

then in local browser

https://<local ip address>:<open port>

Making sure that the <open port> is one not restricted from running over the local ip address. And as mentioned in the link, <local ip address> is not localhost.


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