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How to cancle multiple tasks?

We have a setup where a task ifs more effective if it is running with smaller slices. Therefor we start the tasks every 5 min.
A usual run takes 2 min so there is enought time.
In some cases the run time extend to some hours and a huge amount of taskes stack up.

Deleting the stack is very exptensive since I have to delete every single task seperately.

I see some possible helps:
1. There could be a way to mark a larger amount of wating tasks and cancel them all at once.
2. There might be a way to remove wating tasks within a job. So I could organize the job in a way only one or 2 taskes are waiting.
3. There might be a way that per configuration no new task is scheduled until the previous has been finished.

Unfortunately I haven't found any.

1 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Kalyan Arangam —

Hi Andreas,

The current version, does not have the provision to cancel multiple tasks. you are only allowed to right-click and select Cancel Task on individual items. An alternative is to restart tomcat which will clear out the running as well as any pending/queued tasks.

We have recently completed a change to allow cancelling multiple tasks (EMD-2137). Hopefully you should see this in action in the next release in a few weeks. Until then, you may use one of the above options. Please note, the latter would cancel a running job midway and it may affect data consistency depending on what its doing at that time.


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