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mongodb query sort key timeout

I'm getting timeouts in all sorts of configurations for mongodb query but my instance is healthy and well accessible.

Any idea on how to debug this?

2 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Ricardo,

Timeouts are normally an indication of network problems: maybe Matillion does not have a network route to open a connection to your MongoDB database?

The best way to use the MongoDB Query component is to set the properties starting from the top, working down the list, and not skipping any. This is because some of the later properties (e.g. Sort Key) depend on earlier properties (e.g. Data Selection, which itself depends on Server/Port).

The main test of connectivity is to start with Basic mode, complete the Port, Username, Password, Server and Database, and then verify that objects appear in the Data Source dropdown.

You can also verify network connectivity from an interactive SSH session on your Matillion EC2 instance, using the following command:

telnet MongoHost PortNumber

If this command fails with errors like “Connection refused”, then it’s definitely a network problem, and you should take a look at your AWS security groups and subnet route tables.

Best regards,

Ricardo Espirito Santo —

This is definitely not a connection issue.

If I connect to another collection on the same database with only a few hundred documents then it works.

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