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Viewing Error Logs

I'm new to Matillion and have been looking into some error messages that AWS has notified us of in our Matillion instance. Each time our ETL process begins, it fails several times (resulting in the following message) and then successfully ends up running after a few tries. The error message delivered by AWS is the following-
"Truncate Stage Tables" task failed with the following message:

Please refer Matillion logs for further details.

Now, where do I view the Matillion logs? SSH'd into the machine I can see the "Log" folder in Var, but it isn't clear where error logs would be. Through the web-portal, I can see when the error took place in the Task History, but again it refers to the "Matillion logs for further details."

What is the process to viewing the logs? Our ETL successully completes, but sends about 400 vague error emails in the course of a minute before completing successfully.

Thanks for your help!

3 Community Answers

Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Mitch,

The easiest way to get hold of the Matillion log file is to use the admin web interface.
In the web browser, add /admin/ to the normal address (so it would become e.g., and log in as ec2-user (or any other user which you have created with admin privilege).

From the admin web interface, follow the menu More / Download Server Log, which will offer to save the log file to your local PC or laptop. This is the file mentioned in the error messages. The files can become large, so it’s normally easiest to download the log immediately after an error has occurred, in which case the relevant error will be very near the end of the file. You can also search for errors by timestamp (columns 1 and 2), just remember that the file records times in UTC.

Log files are zipped and rotated periodically, so you can also find archived files on the server, under /usr/share/tomcat8/logs

Best regards,

Mitch Hussey —

Was the Admin web interface a part of a recent update? When I add /admin/ to the address I get a 404 error. I'm not sure when the Matillion instance has been updated last.

I was able to briefly communicate with the previous developer who told me she viewed logs through the "Project Status". Do you have any idea what she might be referencing?

If neither of these work I will grab the archives on the server.

Matillion Agent  

Ian Funnell —

Hi Mitch,

The /admin web interface has been a part of the product since version 1.21 (roughly mid-2016), so you should have it provided your copy of Matillion was either launched or updated since then. I’m not sure what “project status” refers to in this context.

Probably the best thing to do is if we can set up a screen share, and we’ll see what’s happening that way. I’ll email you direct with some possible timings.

Best regards,

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