JDBC Table Metadata To Grid

JDBC Table Metadata To Grid

This component takes the metadata from a JDBC table and uses this data to populate a grid variable with data.

The component can take the following metadata from a JDBC table:

  • Name: Column Name.
  • Type: Column Type (as used in Matillion ETL).
  • Size: Allowable size (in characters)of data in the column.
  • Precision: The precision of the data in the column. Will be 0 (zero) for non-applicable types.
  • Primary Key: Auto-generated keys used to uniquely identify records in the data.

Note: When the Target Table does not exist, the component function is dependent on the database type. Sybase and MySQL return a fail. Other drivers pass with an empty grid returned.


Property Setting Description
Name Text The descriptive name for the component.
Database Type Select The type of database to be used. Currently supported database types:
Connection URL Text The connection URL for the chosen Database Type.
Username Text The username for the database authorisation.
Password Text The password for the database authorisation.
Connection Options Parameter A JDBC parameter supported by the Database Driver. The available parameters are determined automatically from the driver, and may change from version to version.
They are usually not required as sensible defaults are assumed.
Value A value for the given Parameter.
Schema Select Select the schema in which to find the table to take metadata from.
Table Select The name of the table from which metadata will be taken.
Grid Variable Select The name of the grid variable to be filled with data. To learn more about grid variables, see the documentation.
Grid Variable Mapping Multiple selection Map each column in the grid to a particular type of metadata; Name, Type, Database Type, Size, Precision or Encoding