Zendesk 3rd Party OAuth

1. Log into your Zendesk developer account.

2. Create an OAuth Client on your account by using the left-hand menu Channels → API → OAuth Clients

3. Use the + button to add a new client.

4. Enter your Matillion ETL instance address followed by "/oauth_redirect.html". This address can be found in your Matillion ETL instance by navigating to Project → Manage OAuth and taking the URL in the Callback URL field.

5. Press OK and OK again to bring up the client secret for this OAuth Client. Save this to finish creating the client.

6. To find details for a created OAuth, navigate to Channels → API → OAuth Clients → <OAuth Name>

7. All information you need is on this page. The Unique Identifier is your Client ID. The Redirect URL should be taken from your Matillion ETL instance and entered into Zendesk as detailed in step 4. The Client Secret must be regenerated if you do not know it.

8. Enter these details into your Matillion ETL client. First log into your Matillion ETL instance.

9. Navigate to Project → Manage OAuth and click on the + button to create a new OAuth.

10. Select 'Zendesk' from the list and enter a name for this OAuth.

11. Enter the details into the fields as instructed above. Remember that 'Client ID' is referred to as 'Unique Identifier' on Zendesk.

12. Click OK and again to leave the Manage OAuth screen.

This OAuth setup will now be available for use with the Zendesk Query component.