Launching Matillion ETL for Redshift


To help you begin using Matillion ETL, several guides have been created to guide you through your first steps. Through the AWS Marketplace there are multiple options to launch your Matillion ETL instance.

These options can be generally understood as two different launch methods: Amazon Machine Image and Cloud Formation.

Matillion ETL as a product from the AWS marketplace as well as its subsequent updates provision an Amazon-provided EC2 AMI which is scanned and approved by Amazon to be secure before becoming available to users.


Amazon Machine Image

The Amazon Machine Image (AMI) option is a relatively 'manual' setup that requires you to procure and set up the infrastructure for the instance (or indeed for when you already have the resources in place).

For a detailed step-by-step guide choose:
Launching: Detailed Instructions

For experienced AWS users choose:
Launching: Quick Start Guide

For help launching a Private Amazon Machine Image, please contact Support.

Cloud Formation

Cloud Formation Templates allow a Matillion ETL instance to be launched alongside relevant resources using various preset configurations.

To launch using Cloud Formation Templates:
Launching Matillion ETL Using Templates

List of Templates available for download:
List of AWS Launch Templates for Matillion ETL



For troubleshooting launch issues:
Launching Troubleshooting Q&A
How to get additional Support:

Getting Support