With 1.28.7, how is SQL generated and executed?

With this new version, "Matillion no longer relies on creating views in Redshift to represent components." So, what does it do instead? I can see how, within a Transformation job,...

Manifest file generator

I am trying to understand if and how we can utilize Manifest builder component to build manifest file of the objects that have been updated / created in S3 in...

question about SQS configuration

I have 2 projects under the same group. Does any way I can use different SQS in "SQS configuration" ? Looks like when I change the SQS setting, it will...

Performance, bottlenecks, Matillion instance sizes, concurrent threads

We are new to using Matillion, and we are looking for some more information about performance and instance sizes. We're quite happy with the cost of the Matillion "t2.medium" instance...

Regarding Incremental Data Loading

Hi, I'm trying to load latest sales data from a MySQL database in to a Red-Shift database. Currently I'm referring to these two articles (and videos) 1) 2)

Task log in an e-mail

We have a Matillion job with multiple orchestration and transformation components. We have setup SNS component to send out notification of failure of specific orchestration component. However it lacks details...

do you have any component in matillion could send an email when a job running failure?

do you have any component in Matillion could send an email when a job running failure?

Query compilation failed

Dear support team, When I am trying to select data by the following way, there was an error happened. But when I deleted the code marked red, it worked well....

can't review "Task History" records ?

I can't review "Task History" records. it was taking forever for "Fetching records ....". Can you please check it ?

Download data from S3 in another Account

Is it possible to download files from another companies s3 account using the aws key and secret?