Load JSON with different structure

Hello, I have a JSON file (Server log with webtracking events) and the output has different structures... Example: Row 1: { "category_id":"1234" ,"q":"xxxx" ,"locale":"de" ,"controller":"xxxx" ,"action":"show" ,"company_slug":"xxxx" } Row 2:...

Matillion v1 API to import schedules

Does anyone know how to re-import a schedule list previously exported using https://sb-matillion.devfwh.lan/rest/v1/group/name/<>/project/name/<>/version/name/<>/export ?

External Scheduler

How would I go about scheduling Matillion jobs from an external tool?

Out of Memory

Hello, My Matillion has restarted several times due to Out Of Memory errors. I am doing initial load of AdWords data for about 200 accounts for the past 2 years....

Task Versioning

Hi Team, Is there a way to automatically store the exported tasks json into probably s3 each day? or any feature which is similar to this? -Vijay

Google Adwords query - Customers

Hello, I need to query the list of accounts in AdWords and then retrieve the data for each, passing the Client Customer Id. I can see CDATA have exposed a...

POST in API Profile

I'm trying to use POST in an API profile for the first time and I'm failing ... Here is the curl command I am trying to mimic: curl -d "grant_type=refresh_token"...

Google OAuth2 - service account

Hello, Can we use Service Accounts when setting up OAuth2 for Google APIs, or the only option is Web Application? Thanks, Danail

Importing a single schedule, via V1 API

Hi, I wanted to know how to import a single schedule via the V1 API into a Matillion project? I can perfectly export single schedules in json format, which I...

Updating Variables

Hi, I'm using this python script to update an Environment Variable : cursor = context.cursor() cursor.execute('select cast(max(right("$path",8)) as int) from eds') max_mill = cursor.fetchone()[0] context.updateVariable('Mill_max_date', max_mill) After running the script,...