Is there way to deal with schema change when doing Matillion CDC?

For example, if a new column added. How is the best way to handle these cases?

Use Salesforce Incremental Load for an existing table

Salesforce incremental load component asks for a target table with prefix. But what if I want to use this component for an existing table. How will it be possible?

Create user using API

Is there a way to create users programmatically? I can't see if the API supports such a thing. It's not obvious from the documentation. We'd like to be able to...

Join with like/ilike

Hi, I've two tables. The first table contains a varchar column with any text. The second table contains also a varchar column with some fixed entries. The entries of the...

It appears that Matillion is processing message serially. How can I achieve parallelism?

Our job gets triggered by SQS message and we are using variables passed from SQS queue to ETL data to snowflake. It appears that the message is processed one at...

Release Notes

Hello, where can i found informations regarding last updates? We have Version 1.38.10 and have the information that we can update to version 1.38.11. I can only found informations regarding...

Mongodb query component

Hi, Any possibilities to get data from mongodb and stored in S3 data as json file ? Thanks

Mongodb query component

Hi, Is there any possibilities to take data from from mongodb and stored as json file? Thanks,

Reusable Logics

Hi All, I am completely new to Matillion. Can some one help me on what would be the best approach to build some reusable components in Matillion? A sample scenario...

verifying EBS backups

how do I tell if my scheduled EBS backup has run?