Not able to connect to MySQL Database

Hi People, I have connected to MySQL database through database query component and it is validating fine as well as the connection is also established as I am able to...

Deploy Job only if it has been altered

Hi, We deploy Jobs to PROD in a programmatic way using Matillion API. We use a Git repo and we deploy from release branch. When we deploy we check the...

Python Script .. variable management commands

Besides the command context.updateVariable("variable", "value") What other context.<commands> can we use on variables. I dont seem to find anything in the documentation about this. For instance is there a ......

script component

Hi Matillion Team, Is there the intention to provide beside the Python Script component a NodeJS Script component? Thanks, Henrik

Load JSON with different structure

Hello, I have a JSON file (Server log with webtracking events) and the output has different structures... Example: Row 1: { "category_id":"1234" ,"q":"xxxx" ,"locale":"de" ,"controller":"xxxx" ,"action":"show" ,"company_slug":"xxxx" } Row 2:...

Matillion v1 API to import schedules

Does anyone know how to re-import a schedule list previously exported using https://sb-matillion.devfwh.lan/rest/v1/group/name/<>/project/name/<>/version/name/<>/export ?

External Scheduler

How would I go about scheduling Matillion jobs from an external tool?

Out of Memory

Hello, My Matillion has restarted several times due to Out Of Memory errors. I am doing initial load of AdWords data for about 200 accounts for the past 2 years....

Task Versioning

Hi Team, Is there a way to automatically store the exported tasks json into probably s3 each day? or any feature which is similar to this? -Vijay

Google Adwords query - Customers

Hello, I need to query the list of accounts in AdWords and then retrieve the data for each, passing the Client Customer Id. I can see CDATA have exposed a...