Further Configuration

Getting an "is publicly available" warning -- how to restrict?

I started getting this warning, in the Matillion app. I did read this article: https://redshiftsupport.matillion.com/customer/en/portal/articles/2236864-publicly-available-warning My EC2 instance that hosts Matillion is in a VPC, and it does have a...

Read only user for Monitoring ETL jobs

Is there a way to create / setup security that gives only read only access to a user? We are thinking of giving monitoring to our support team using that...

Managing Users projects

Hi. Is there any way of getting an overview of what projects are available to what users? Regards Johan Forssell

Directing Matillion log to a central log management system

I'm trying to direct the Matillion log to a centralized log management system (Graylog) for easier analysis. Currently I'm unsure which logging framework Matillion is using and how I could...


how to run jobs hourly between given date range ?

How to separate test and production?

What's the best, or at least a good, practice for separating development/test setups from production? We're using one Matillion instance. Some ideas 1) make a locked version 'Production' of the...

Server timezone into Python Script Component

Hi, What is the right way to set my server timezone into Python Script Component? Thanks

mongodb query sort key timeout

I'm getting timeouts in all sorts of configurations for mongodb query but my instance is healthy and well accessible. Any idea on how to debug this?

Password option for Environmental variables

Hi We have a large number of tables to connect to and are using environmental variables as much as possible to reduce the amount of work needed for config changes,...