Further Configuration

Zendesk query custom fields

I am using the Zendesk query component to copy data into the warehouse. What are the necessary changes to include the custom fields created in the "users" table in Zendesk...

MongoDB Atlas connection

Does anyone has success connecting to MongoDB Atlas cluster with SSL?

Matilion admin update - no packages marked for update

Notification says 'updates available', when I tried to update, getting this message 'No Packages marked for update'. Still the notification is not gone. Thank you, Raja

SAML based authentication

Would like to use Azure Active Directory and SAML for user authentication. Given that Matillion available on Azure, are there plans to add Matillion as an Enterprise Application in the...

Display database NULL in Matillion UI (Sample feature)

Hi, It isn't possible to differentiate between an empty string and a NULL (database NULL) when we see a Sample in Matillion. Is there a setting we can change to...

SNS component fails for success message

Hi Matillion Team, I have developed the incremental process and wants to send Failure and success message using SNS component. Though, I'm getting failure message using SNS but when job...

Connect to SAP HANA Views

I am trying to connect to SAP HANA views however I dont see an option on the Orchestration. Has anyone connected successfully to SAP HANA views before ?

Matillion Python Connectivity

I am trying to kick-start a matillion workflow from a python script located in my unix-box.can you suggest me the python modules/methods required to achieve this functionality?

How to select different environments when working collaboratively

In our team we work collaboratively on one Matillion project. Thereby every team member connects to Matillion by using a separate computer with a separate browser. We've noticed that the...

Matillion Job Scheduling

Hello Just looking for some clarification regarding scheduled jobs in Matillion. Consider this scenario: I have a job that is scheduled to run every hour. However for one job run...