Transformation Components

excel to csv file conversion

Any possibilities using steps to convert excel to csv format???...or i have python code but don't know how to apply from "excel query" component ??? help me!!! Advance thanks

s3 to FTP

How to send a files from s3 to ftp (Archive folder)?

Truncate snowflake table

which component I can use to truncate table in Snowflake?

Table Output with headers

How Text Output component is able to add headers in files placed on S3? (SQL tab of component shows SQL not generated)

Disk Full Errors

Hello, I am getting Disk Full Errors on some larger running Orchestrations. I see plenty of suggestions when searching for Redshift Disk Errors but I'm not finding much relative to...

Table Update in matillion etl for snowflake

i'm little bit confused about table update component.can anyone let me know how to update data using update component in matillion etl for snowflake?

How to increase max size of s3 json import

Trying to import json file from s3 Error parsing JSON: document is too large, max size 16777216 bytes How to increase the size, my documents are approximately 50 MB.


I have a string: blahblahblah(user_id:1234)blahblah5678 I can't figure out how to format my Regex to all just the integer out of the parenthesis. I need to avoid the digits outside...

Calculation Fields

I have a field in a table that contains strings. I have another field in the same table that is boolean. I'm trying to figure out how to set the...

Do not update data if key exists

I need to lookup a key and insert record if it does not exist. The record should not be updated if the key exists. Is there a component I can...