Transformation Components

Filter on Boolean Data with Filter Component

I have extracted data from a SQL Server table, including a "Bit"-type column. Now, in Matillion, when I use a Table Input component to use that raw data, I have...

Filtering table using dynamic dates

Is it possible to filter a table in a transformation job using a dynamic date e.g. -2days ago from the runtime? I have tried putting "${"days", -2)}" into the value...

Date round in mongo db query component

I have a date field in utc format like '2017-06-02 16:39:35.843' how to round the date '2017-06-02 16:39:36' in mongodb query component advanced mode?

Use Grid column with an expression

Hello, I would like to understand if it is possible to apply an expression to a Grid column value when mapping it to a component property, similarly to applying a...

S3 to Redshift

Hi, I need to ignore few columns before loading data from S3 onto Redshift. How can I achieve this using Matillion?

Unable to rename columns using rename component

I am trying rename columns using rename component, but after running the job, the below message is displayed " Metadata Update Skipped" and I am unable to see the renamed...

File Movement in Google Bucket

Hi Team, I need to move file from one folder to other in Google Bucket. Which component i can use for this or any help on steps would help.

Duplicate key error with Table input

I have an Orchestration which creates this table: CREATE TABLE public.mt_documents ( activityid varchar(2000), displayname varchar(2000), endtime timestamp, groupid varchar(2000), starttime timestamp, "user" varchar(2000), devicename varchar(2000) ) Now, I want...

Flatten Variant component

I am not able to find the Flatten Variant component in component list. I am using 1.35 version.

Extract text and value

I have a column X with multiple strings and corresponding values eg {text1.23,text2.44,text3,55etc} . I want to spilt that column and make multiple columns as text1, text2 , text 3...