Transformation Components

Row count with table iterator

I am loading files from S3 into a temp table on redshift, after which using a table iterator to load data into my fact tables. I want to do a...

Microsoft OneDrive via Matillion S3 Put Object

Can Matillion pull data from Microsoft OneDrive? I've setup an S3 Put Object using the following settings and it's not connecting, assuming it's due to the requirement for login credentials?...

Creating task from transformation job via Web API

Why is it not possible to create tasks out of transformation jobs by using the Web API? Is there any plan to support it in the future? It does not...

File iterator duplicating data

Hi, I had to generate a filename from the files uploaded to S3, hence I found a very good article here by adding a filename to table which helped me...

Numberlong to date format

Hi, How to get date from numberlong value in matillion. Ex : my numberlong value is like (633220416000000000) ... i'm changing this type of value to date ... Thanks, Mathan......

Transfer data to Different Schema

Hi, I need a query, How to transfer data from different Schema in redshift table Using Matillion

excel to csv file conversion

Any possibilities using steps to convert excel to csv format???...or i have python code but don't know how to apply from "excel query" component ??? help me!!! Advance thanks

s3 to FTP

How to send a files from s3 to ftp (Archive folder)?

Truncate snowflake table

which component I can use to truncate table in Snowflake?

Table Output with headers

How Text Output component is able to add headers in files placed on S3? (SQL tab of component shows SQL not generated)