Transformation Components

S3 to Redshift

Hi, I need to ignore few columns before loading data from S3 onto Redshift. How can I achieve this using Matillion?

Unable to rename columns using rename component

I am trying rename columns using rename component, but after running the job, the below message is displayed " Metadata Update Skipped" and I am unable to see the renamed...

File Movement in Google Bucket

Hi Team, I need to move file from one folder to other in Google Bucket. Which component i can use for this or any help on steps would help.

Duplicate key error with Table input

I have an Orchestration which creates this table: CREATE TABLE public.mt_documents ( activityid varchar(2000), displayname varchar(2000), endtime timestamp, groupid varchar(2000), starttime timestamp, "user" varchar(2000), devicename varchar(2000) ) Now, I want...

Flatten Variant component

I am not able to find the Flatten Variant component in component list. I am using 1.35 version.

Extract text and value

I have a column X with multiple strings and corresponding values eg {text1.23,text2.44,text3,55etc} . I want to spilt that column and make multiple columns as text1, text2 , text 3...

Hashing with SHA-256

Have a need to hash some information using SHA-256 as part of a transformation. I assume there are ways to plug this in via Python, but I don't see any...

Row counts fail

I have a simple, inner-join that matches an int to another int. The int in the main table may be null. The int in the join table will never be...


Have noticed this component is available for Redshift version of Matillion - is it / can it be made available for Matillion for Snowflake?

Executing transformation components sequentially

Dear Team, I have created a flow from Table input to one Table Update and one Table Delete Rows components, and I am using replicate component to share the data...