Getting Started


Hi, How to get files from ftps and load to s3... Thanks, Mathan.

Redshift to Mssql

Hi How to move redshift table to mssql using matillion. Thanks, Mathan

Firbird DB

Hi, (not a high skilled tech) we have an onsite Firebird DB for our ERP system. Can this DB be exported to BigQuery using Matillion? Shane

Python3 custom modules

Where should python custom modules ( be placed so they are available in Matillion when using the Python 3 orchestration step? Thank you,

Table compression

Hi, I want to compress a table from mssql and load to redshift because large amount of data. can u please suggest idea for this process using matillion? Thanks Mathan...

Error table Load

Hi, I Have a query.. How to move error files (xlsx) to error table... If possible to move particular error table. Thanks, Mathan

OAuth for Bing

Hi, Does Matillion support OAuth authentication with the Microsoft Bing platform? Many thanks, Greg.

sign value

Hi, I need to load data to redshift table. I have a value like 5.01E+12 . I would like to convert and upload data to redshift like 5010000000000. Thanks, Mathan...

csv to redshift

Hi, I have a query about, how to load csv file to redshift and also i have to update filename into a column value using iteration. Thanks, Mathan

S3 Load

Hi, How to add filename to the field using iteration in s3 load. or if any posssible to to mov Thanks, Mathan