Getting Started

XML file load

i have a XML file in s3, how to load particular xml element only from .XML file ?

Exactly how does Hourly Pricing work

Hi, I am starting to use Matillion for creating ELT pipelines at our company. We're using a t2.medium cluster and hourly pricing. I have one doubt regarding the pricing of...

Unable to login using ec2-user/instance id

Hi I have launched the Matillion EC2, however I am unable to login using the following information: user name: ec2-user password: instance-id

ec2-user login not working

When I use ec2-user and instance ID to log into Matillion for the first time, I get invalid user and password error. What could I be doing wrong? In the...

Email with attachment

Hi all, Can you provide help. Do you maybe have python script or any other script, that I can use to get file from location on S3 bucket and sent...

Retrieving old logs

Hi, I retrieved my Matillion logs from the admin menu because I needed to investigate what happened 14 days ago. Unfortunately, those logs only contains a few days of data....

Update Documentation

Is there an area on the site that documents what new features and or bug fixes are included in what updates?

Python script

Hi, I have created the json data using python script in matilion and I was trying to move json data to amazon redshift table. But I couldn't find the correct...


Hi, I'm creating json array from redshift table using python script... there after i want to save these array as file in s3 bucket.. Any possibilities to move in s3...

python to s3

Hi, how to load python(jython) result data to s3 bucket as text file? Thanks, Ganesh