Getting Started

S3 Load

Hi , I want to move data from s3 to redshift, but i have a issue in identity column error. Also try with copy command , need to an explicit_ids......

Python Script

Hi, I want to move files from ftps to s3 bucket. I made a script in python itself... I have an error in boto :::: """"Traceback (most recent call last):...


Hi, If Possible to move files from one ftp folder to another ftp folder in matillion components. Thanks, Mathan...

Connecting to a Secure EC2 Instance

I would like to set up EC2 instances within a VPN, managed by an Active Directory system (thus the instance would have no public IPv4 Address), however in the 'Connecting...

Redshift Cluster Encryption

I know that you can launch Matillion using existing resources, namely Redshift clusters, however I have a question about cluster encryption. Is it possible to configure and launch Matillion using...

Setting variables

Hello, I would like to have a variable containing the date that a job was last run. I intend to use this variable in the data source filter of a...


Hi, I want to add current_date into filename... It get from system time... { EX : abc_2018-06-13 00:27:27 } Thanks, Mathan.

Redshift to CSV

Hi, How to move redshift table to s3 bucket "csv" file in matillion. Thanks, Mathan

Table Load from Different Database

Hi, I want to load table from one database to another database in matillion... It is possible to load table... Thanks, Mathan.


Hi, How to get files from ftps and load to s3... Thanks, Mathan.