Getting Started

MS Dynamics (on prem) Snowflake Integration

Hi, I was wondering if it's only online versions of MS Dynamics which are supported for a Snowflake Integration or can an MS Dynamics On Prem solution also be integrated...

mysql database

How to connect mysql which is available in my local machine and load data into BigQuery?


Just out of curiosity: where and how does Matillion store its metadata for jobs and transformations etc.? I cannot find this info anywhere.

Job Variables

Where have Job Variables disappeared. I see where to set Environment variables. Right clicking on jobs and on the job flow screen does NOT work, contrary to the documentation and...

Connecting to an external redshift cluster

How can I connect to a periscope data warehouse (redshift) from Matillion launched using my personal AWS account? (Using personal a/c for POC purposes)

User Configuration

Took me a while to figure out that a user in Matillion cannot run a job that writes to s3 (apparently) without being designated as an "Admin" in the User...

Revert / Roll Back to Previous Version?

I just found myself wanting to revert back to a previous version of my project. That is, I would like to take a saved version, and make it the "default...

How to pass variable in SNS component Message property

Hi, I am new to Matillion and developing the job which requires job fails and success email. I need to pass job name, current_timestamp using variable of success and failures...

XML file load

i have a XML file in s3, how to load particular xml element only from .XML file ?

Exactly how does Hourly Pricing work

Hi, I am starting to use Matillion for creating ELT pipelines at our company. We're using a t2.medium cluster and hourly pricing. I have one doubt regarding the pricing of...