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hourly ETL and getting date components as variables

Hi, We have files in S3 in the format: s3://bucket/{year}/{month}/{day}/{hour}.gz We need to load this data into matillion hourly and I'm struggling to figure out how to do this. Is...

Importing rules & mappings from csv files

Has anyone any experience of importing csv data (via JSON etc. if necessary) into Matillion rather than having to type them in from scratch? Thanks Jo

Duration - what unit of measure is this? (seconds?)

On "Orchestration" or "Transformation" jobs - there's an ability to export the DURATION to a variable. What unit of measure is this DURATION? Is it minutes, milli-seconds? Thanks

RedShift/Matillion: Create Table question - Dynamic Table Name

All, Is there any way to create a RedShift table using a table_name from a variable? Maybe using the "SQL script" widget instead of the "Create Table" one? example: person...

Prefix Object Name

We are using S3 Load in that there is one setting with name "S3 Object Prefix" in which we want to use like operator For e.g "student*dep*".* can be any...

'PermGen space' errors in Matillion

We are starting to get several errors in Matillion related to "PermGen space". A quick google search suggests this has something to do with the amount of memory allocated for...

Can't Access AWS APIs

I'm unable to add credentials to my Matillion environment that will let me access any of the Amazon APIs. I have tried two methods: 1) I added user defined credentials....


Why does this not change the value of the environment variable (<<today_yyyymmdd>>)?: ================================================= from datetime import date today = context.updateVariable(today_yyyymmdd, today.toString()) ===============================================================