Getting Started

FTP to S3 File Passing

Hi, I have a file in FTP and i have to move file to my S3 location using S3 put object. I tried to load the files to S3. But...

SQS Message disappear

I am following this article: I can see that messages are being consumed by Matillion from my SQS queue as messages disappear from SQS whenever I "Enable SQS". But...

Passing variable from Child job to Parent job

I wan to pass a job variable from child job to parent job and print it in parent job. How can I do it?

Sql integration

Why am I not able to import .sql file to matillion. It is giving me the following error - Error parsing file.

SharePoint download Excel file

Hi, I'm doing my first job in Matillion and wonder about the use case when I need to download Excel file from Microsoft SharePoint. Then I would like to parse...

How to tranfer file FTPS to S3 using matillion component

hi, I want to download a file from FTPS to S3. possible to download using matillion component?? or Which is easiest way to download the file from FTPS to s3...

API-QUREY component export task history

Hi, Created the ETL for Export task hstory .When I run the matillion api query its running some time and getting error "Timeout".How to resolve the issue?

Unable to read the header

Hi, I got an error to read the data from a particular collection in mongodb . Error : Unable to read the header of reply message response to 5. Can...

Trigger matillion job using command

What are the possibilities to trigger the matillion job easiest way? or run .sh file.

Launching Matillion using aws datapipeline

How do we launch Matillion using AWS Datapipeline on to run on predefined schedule daily