Getting Started

Save logs

Any possibilities to use create our own log files for a job? and save the logs in a path we want? Thanks Ganesh

ETL Project Documentation

Is there a way to have Matillion create documentation of the ETL processes that we've created? If so, how do we do it?

Clustered/Highly Available

Do you have further details on the Clustered/Highly Available configuration of Matillion? I'm particularly interested in what additional AWS components are required (e.g. RDS instances) and whether there is an...

Loading data from salesforce / MS Dynamics to AWS RDS

Is it possible to create a job that extracts data from a source (i.e. Salesforce / MS Dynamics) and then loads it into the AWS RDS (MySQL) service, without going...

Variables within Environment Variables

With Matillion Version: 1.30.6 (build 85), is it possible to use a variable as part of the value of an Environment Variable? With these settings environment Text Global dev test_var...

UI change - can't insert an item in the middle?

I believe that before the latest update...on various screens having a list of columns (or a list of whatever)...I was able to select an item, then click the '+' button...

OAuth2 Support on REST API Integrations

I've got a cloud software provider where the API requires use of OAuth2 tokens which expire every two hours to access the API. Does the Matillion Rest API integration support...


How do I connect to a 12c PDB or how do I alter some of the session parameters in the SQL query window ?

Creating Project

I keep getting the following message when i try to create a new project. I have created projects successfully before, but I cant seem to get pas this error lately....

Schema - Salesforce

Having problems setting up the schema in the orchestration. It is not accepting the default [Environment Default]. We don't need multiple schemas for our initial evaluation. Can you assist?