Getting Started

API-QUREY component export task history

Hi, Created the ETL for Export task hstory .When I run the matillion api query its running some time and getting error "Timeout".How to resolve the issue?

Unable to read the header

Hi, I got an error to read the data from a particular collection in mongodb . Error : Unable to read the header of reply message response to 5. Can...

Trigger matillion job using command

What are the possibilities to trigger the matillion job easiest way? or run .sh file.

Launching Matillion using aws datapipeline

How do we launch Matillion using AWS Datapipeline on to run on predefined schedule daily

Matillion job schedule for particular Orchestration

Hi, I Was created one job with multiple Orchestration and scheduled a job different four(4) timings. My question is it is possible to particular one Orchestration in the job schedule...

How to get matillion taskmanager using api query

Hi, we get using default 'matillion api' profiles? or need to create any new profiles?

Encryption Function

Hi, I want to apply encrytion in table column using matillion component Tried this function "aes_encrypt(column)" in 'calculator','sql script' components but return error but In Redshift aginity its works fine.please...

Requesting oauth2 token return error invalid client id

I need to integrate an API service that uses OAuth 2.0 but is not listed in the dropdown under Project > Manage Oauth. Following this post [[]] I wanted to...

Mongo with Bash Script

Hi, I'm trying to generate mongodb data as json file into s3 bucket using bash script. but i have some connection issue in scripting. Error : MongoDB shell version: 2.6.12...

Jython boto3 delete all files in S3 sub-folders

Hello I have bucket with several folders. One of this folders is ETLWork folders. ETLWork folder has several sub-folders like external_table1, external_table2 ... How can I delete all files in...