Recurly 3rd Party OAuth

Recurly Query Component API Key

When using the Recurly Query component in Matillion ETL, users need an API Key so that Recurly can identify the program (Matillion ETL) making the API request. This article will provide a step-by-step guide for finding and generating API Keys within your Recurly developer account.

How to Find or Regenerate Your Recurly API Key

Log in to your Recurly account here and navigate to Integrations → API Credentials.


On the top right of the page, click the Add Private API Key button.


Give the API key a name in the 'Key Name' field and provide any necessary notes. Then, select 'Other...' in the 'Application Using This Key' field and provide the name of the application, as in the image below. Finally for this section, click the Save button.


Upon saving, Recurly will reload the 'API Credentials' page, with your new API key visible to be copied and pasted.

To regenerate an API Key, click the Options button at the top right side of the API Key's box, then click Regenerate Key and choose your settings.


Now, navigating back to the Matillion ETL interface, when configuring the 'API Key' property for the Recurly Query component, simply store your API Key in the component, or use the Matillion ETL instead.