Snapchat 3rd Party OAuth

Snapchat Query OAuth configuration


This article is a step-by-step guide to setting up an OAuth to use with the Snapchat Query component.

1. Log in to your Snapchat account.

2. On the login dashboard, ensure you are on the "Billing & Payments" page.Then, scroll down the page to the "OAuth Apps" section.

3. On the top right side of the "OAuth Apps" section, click the +OAuth App button to begin adding a new OAuth.


You will then be required to provide a name for your OAuth app, and a Snap Redirect URI. Note that the redirect URL must be HTTPS, not HTTP.


4. On the Matillion ETL interface, bring the Snapchat Query component onto the Orchestration Job canvas, and click into the OAuth property. Click the Manage button.


5. Copy the Callback URL and paste this into the "Snap Redirect URI" field. Next, still in Matillion ETL, click the cog icon, and then return to the Snapchat webpage.


6. Once you've filled out both fields, click "Save", and your OAuth App Details will be provided. Save these credentials for future use.


7. Returning to the Matillion ETL tab, enter your Client ID and Client Secret. Then, click the Next button. On the following page, click "Authorization link". You will then be taken to a Snapchat authentication page, click the Continue button for both pages, and you will be returned to Matillion ETL.


Upon authentication, a success message will be shown, as below.