Password Manager


Many of the components in Matillion ETL require passwords to provide access to various services on behalf of the user. Users can input a password directly into a component and it will be stored securely within that component.

However, if the user is utilising many components, manually entering passwords can be laborious. Furthermore, if those passwords change, the user will need to manually edit each component to rectify that password.

Instead, the Password Manager can store passwords, each paired with an identifying name. When a component requests a password, the name of a stored password can be entered and will draw a password from the manager. Thus, if that password should change, the user need only edit the value in the Password Manager and not the individual components.​

The Password Manager can be accessed through Project → Manage Passwords.

Passwords can be added through the + symbol at the lower-left of the window or deleted with x beside each entry. Choosing to add a new password will bring up the Create Password window.

Any name and password can be chosen, although it is advised for the name to indicate what service the password is intended for. The encryption down offers a drop down menu of two choices:

1. Encoded - Store the passwords in an encrypted file on the machine Matillion ETL is running on.

2. KMS - It is possible to store passwords using Amazon's Key Management Service. Selecting this option will reveal an additional property named 'Master Key' that can be entered to access the user's KMS. Using KMS requires the use of certain actions which can be found in the Managing Credentials documentation with an attached policy for Matillion. If KMS is unavailable, components using KMS passwords will fail as though an incorrect password has been entered.

Finally, a description can be entered purely as a reminder of the password's function.

Clicking 'OK' will save the password to the manager and it will appear on the list with other saved passwords. These passwords can have their descriptions edited by clicking the pencil icon or their passwords edited by clicking the padlock icon. 

Clicking 'OK' will close the Password Manager and your new passwords can now be referred to by name in Matillion ETL components and tools.