Salesforce 3rd Party OAuth Setup


In order to connect to your Salesforce or data, Matillion requires that OAuth is configured.
However, before you can configure OAuth in Matillion ETL you first need to enable it in your Salesforce account.

Note: Your Matillion instance must be using a secure connection (HTTPS rather than HTTP) to work with Salesforce.

Note: The Salesforce user must have permission to manage the connected apps. This requires the user permission "Customize Application" AND either "Modify All Data" or "Manage Connected Apps". For more information, see Salesforce documentation on User Permissions and Access and Creating Connected Apps.

To enable OAuth for Matillion in your Salesforce account:
  • Log in to
  • Click Setup -> App Setup -> Create -> Apps -> Connected Apps -> New.

  • Enter a name to be displayed to users when they log in to grant permissions to your app. e.g. Matillion ETL
  • Click Enable OAuth Settings and enter a value in the Callback URL box  e.g. 
    • Note that this must be https and a resolvable domain name not http. See here for enabling security.
  • Add the following Selected OAuth Scopes (unless others are specifically relevant to you)
    • Access and manage your data (api)
    • Perform requests on your behalf at any time (refresh_token)
    • Provide access to your data via the Web (web)
  • Click Save
  • Once you have created the app, click your app name. The consumer key (Matillion ETL Client ID) and consumer secret (Matillion ETL Client Secret)are displayed.